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On 18 to 20 June 1987, an Educational Technology convention was organized by the Education Dissemination Services Division, Ministry of Education Malaysia at the National Institute of Educational Management (now known as the Aminuddin Baki Institute). In the convention, the idea was presented through the presentation of a working paper by the Director, Education Distribution Center Division at that time, Puan Seri Datin Hafsah Bt. Hj. Nasir. Her proposal received such encouraging responses from all convention participants. At the convention, one of the conclusions was for the establishment of the Malaysian Educational Technology Association (META). Accordingly, a protem committee or sponsor was established. The main function of the protem committee is to make initial preparations and review the possible establishment of META (PTPM Annual Report, 1994-95).

This protem committee was chaired by Associate Professor Puan Sri Dr. Rohana Zubir. This committee has pioneered the initiative and held a series of meetings with various parties with the main goal of realizing the establishment of META. Finally, on 30 September 1988, the Malaysian Educational Technology Association was born (PTPM Annual Report, 1994-95). The chairman of the protem committee and several committee members have been appointed as members of the newly established PTPM-META permanent committee. According to the Constitution of PTPM (1988), PTPM exists as a professional organization that has its own constitution and now its registered address is in the Education Technology Division, Persiaran Bukit Kiara, Kuala Lumpur.

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